Wordpress - Why choose it ?

Wordpress is by far the most popular Content Management System, 30% of all website are built with the Wordpress core. It's versatility makes it ideal for small or large businesses, blogs and community groups.

CNN, Forbes, Walt Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Vouge and the New York Times are a few of the high profile companies that have chosen Wordpress to deliver their content.

Why we recommend Wordpress

  • easy to manage and update
  • mature and well supported
  • extremely versatile and extensible
  • ready for the mobile web
  • robust eCommerce integration
  • search engine friendly
  • free and Open Source software

Cost effective

Wordpress is free Plug N Play software, installation and set-up is fast so a 3 or 4 page website will not or should not cost thousands of dollars. In fact less than $500 !

Easy to use

The Wordpress Content Management System is powerful and easy to use. Keeping your website content fresh and dynamic is no more difficult than using word processing software.

Extensible & Future Proof

With 54,976 plugins Wordpress is perfect if you want to start small then later expand ... maybe plug in some e-commerce.

Wordpress core updates and security patches are free and automated, so a website rebuild is not required at the end of the next 5 year Tech Cycle.

The Wordpress Development Team continue maintaining and developing the core software, this is invaluable for both the website developer and website owner.

We recommend you read the short Wordpress Mission Statement.