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South Sumatra 2015
Todays pic: South Sumatra 2015

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South Cape Rivulet Tasmania Southern Ocean winter surfing
In the dead of winter armed with board, $39 tent and 4mm of neoprene you will be unlucky to see another soul for days.

Surfing in Sumatra Salamat South Sumatra
No shopping centers, no Mc Donalds, no Starbucks, no tourists, no strip joints. What more could you ask for? A friendly and modest Muslim community, clear clean warm water and endless waves are a definite bonus.

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Computer Tutor Computer Lessons in your home or office. Computer 101 to Advanced Programming
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Linux free operating system Move over Apple Mac and Windows
As development of the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX operating systems languish in a development environment from the last millennium, Linux powers forward to centre stage proving that Open Source and FREE software is the future.
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Linux Mint Software Manager Linux Mint Software Manager
Downloading free software with Linux Mint 17 Software Manager.
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