Linux - a FREE and SECURE Computing Experience.

You may have used an Android phone or a notebook running the Google Chrome Operating System, perhaps you have even heard about the Chinese governments move to the mysterious Kylin OS. All these technologies are built on a Operating System called Linux that currently powers more Computers and Mobile Devices than Apple and Microsoft products put together.

Linux Mint 17 traditional desktop version.

So why would you want to download and start using Linux on your computer?

Free - never pay a cent.

The Linux OS is totally free along with thousands of professional quality software applications all available for download through the Linux Software Manager.
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Security - built with security in mind.

Security is the most cited reason professionals, home users, enterprise level organizations and governments make the move to Linux. Linux vs Windows security comparisons are inevitable as most users are moving from a Windows environment.

... so why is Linux more secure than Windows?

Simply put right from the start security has been an important and integrated part of the Linux Operating System. Read more ...

Windows on the other hand continues to be a 'leaking boat' by choice, requiring expensive Add-on security. There is no reason Microsoft could not develop a more secure system, they just won't.

That security supplied by Microsoft's 'Windows Defender' continues to rate poorly by the Independent IT-Security Institute is a testament to Microsoft's attitude.

Open Source - code is open to scrutiny by everyone.

Propriety code (Microsoft / Apple Mac) is locked away from prying eyes, bugs in the software remain for a much longer cycle and updates come slower.

Open Source software is open to a vast community of developers to scrutinise. This allows bugs to be found, patches and updates to be developed and released at a pace that a small team can never match.

Choice - one size does not fit all.

If you are coming from the Mono Culture - one size fits all of Windows or Mac you may find the freedom of Linux overwhelming and perhaps even confusing.

At its core every Linux Operating System has the Linux Kernel on this core a full suite of System and User Applications are built to create a Linux Distribution ( Distro ).

There are many Distros (see the Top 10 Distros list to the right) I suggest starting with one of the most popular, you can always try another Distro later.

For the Home User Linux Mint is the #1 choice and includes:

  • Email Client
  • Web Browser(Firefox)
  • Movie Players
  • Audio Player
  • Photo editor
  • DVD copier / burner
  • Office Suite
  • and a lot more ...
If you need extra software or would prefer to use the Google Chrome or Opera Browser or perhaps a different Media Player just open the Software Manager and download one of the many free Software Applications recommended and tested by the Distro developers.

If you liked the old tried and tested Traditional Windows style Desktop then you will love the Linux Mint Mate version.

~ M Pelic 2015.

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Linux Mint Software Manager Linux Mint Software Manager
Downloading free software with Linux Mint 17 Software Manager.
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Top 10 Linux Distributions
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Linux Ubuntu OS
Pclinux OS
Linux Open Suse OS
Linux Fedora OS
Linux Debian OS
Linux Freebsd OS
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