Surfing the Great Southern Ocean in winter

Surfing this area of Australia you really need reasons beyond escaping the crowds in search of an empty line-up.

South Coast Tasmania
A clear winters day, with a solid 2mtr swell arriving on the far South Coast.

If you are looking for an adventure where days of endless surf are a must then Tasmania is definitely not the right choice. The weather in this part of the world is inconsistent and fast changing, swells more often than not arrive with howling gales and offshore conditions can be short lived.

To see the swell lines stacked up to the horizon requires nothing short of perfect conditions, wave quality is almost always dependant on shifting sand banks, there one day washed away the next like a Buddhist sand mandala.

To surf this corner of the earth requires an equanimity that few surfers have.

The perfect weather pattern to ensure swell and offshore winds.

But if you forked out the big bucks, drove south until the road ran out, survived the 2 hour bushwalk ladden with board, tent, water and food ... rising at dawn you may partake of something magical and rare.

Something less than 1% of the surfing population has experienced.

Or ... wish you had gone to Sumatra.

by M. Pelic 2010

Map of Tasmania

South East Cape Tasmania South Cape Bay view from the coal cliff.

Camping South Coast of Tasmania A thick coating of snow on the Hartz Mountains.

Camping South Coast of Tasmania. This $39 budget tent, lasted for 4 years of summer and winter camping.

South East Cape Tasmania Waiting for the tide to change.

Cockle Creek Tasmania The start of the South Coast Track

Surfing Southern Tasmania Lion Rock south coast Tasmania

Hartz Mountains Southern Tasmania Mountain views on the South Coast Track

South East Cape Tasmania View of South East Cape from the coal cliff.

South Cape Rivulet Further west along the South Coast Track.