Salamat South Sumatra

by M Pelic 2014.

The South Sumatra coast near Tanjung Setia is definately no longer a 'Secret' but you will not find the average tourist or surfer wandering around this corner of the globe.

Ujung Bocur South Sumatra

If you enjoy traditional Indonesian food, cold water bucket showers and can think of nothing more engaging than exploring miles of coastal goat tracks on your scooter then ... welcome to paradise.

The waves in the area range from 1 to 2mtr beach and reef breaks for the intermediate surfer that has some experience surfing on shallow reefs, to waves like Way Jambu aka Sumatran Pipeline which holds 4+ mtrs and best left for the more experienced.

The swell is consistent Jun to Aug, becoming very inconsistent from Sept onward.

Surfboard repairs South Sumatra

Be warned this area has NO tourist infrastructure and even surfers looking to get off the beaten track often find themselves high tailing it back to Bali after a few days.

You can find a heap of info on surfing and traveling to South Sumatra at

Tanjung Setia South Sumatra Indonesia

Restaurant Tanjung Setia Sumatra Warung / cafe Tanjung Setia Sumatra

Monkey Tanjung Setia beach Sumatra Monkey at Tanjung Setia beach Sumatra

Watching the surf at Ujung Bocur Watching the surf at Ujung Bocur Sumatra

Sunset over Ujung Bocur Sumatra Sunset Ujung Bocur point break Tanjung Setia

Friendly locals South Sumatra Smiles that are remembered long after you leave.

Ujung Bocur surf break Sumatra Ujung Bocur point break Tanjung Setia

Tanjung Setia beach road Sumatra The walk to Ujung Bocur surf break